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Training plans work well for many people.  Unfortunately, our lives don’t always go as we have planned.  Online coaching provides an opportunity to use daily and weekly feedback to help you reach your goals.  If you would like someone to help adjust your training throughout the season and provide you with valuable training and racing advice, then online coaching is the place for you!

Some additional benefits with online coaching are:

  • Personalized goal setting
  • Full training plan with detailed workouts included and updated weekly
  • Feedback from your coach (me!) on your training progress: I’ll read and respond to your personal feedback via a shared online training journal
  • Unlimited email contact and complete support from a knowledgeable coach with years of experience
  • Unlimited adjustments: when something comes up unexpectedly, when your schedule changes, or you have to travel…. your workouts will be adjusted so you can reach your goal
  • Assistance with core, strength, and cross training workouts to supplement your running workouts

2 simple steps:

  1. After you select your plan, you will fill out a questionnaire which will help assess your current level of fitness (where you are now) and your goals (where you want to go).  Simply email it to me at
  2. Once I receive your questionnaire, I will take that information and create your training plan (how you are going to get there) and even tell you what paces you should shoot for in training and racing (how long it will take).

4 reviews for Online Coaching

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    I started a training program with Piece of Cake Running a mere 6 weeks post-partum, after a very long hiatus from serious running. I thought I might be overly ambitious to try a half marathon 3 months later, but with Mollie’s well-crafted training plan, I not only ran faster than I thought I could, I’ve stayed injury-free for a year and a half!
    Mollie is a great communicator, with insightful comments about my daily training and racing. As a high-level competitor (and mother!) herself, she understands the need for individualization, and is quick to alter a training plan if circumstances dictate. She is also hilarious, which is a total necessity for me, as I refuse to be coached by a humorless dictator! Mollie is a serious coach, but she recognizes the need for balance in life and doesn’t hesitate to laugh at herself!

  2. 5 out of 5

    I started the online coaching program with Piece of Cake Running in December 2011 and haven’t looked back. Prior to PoC, I was never one for detailed training plans and pretty much winged it from race to race. To no surprise, I never got the results I wanted. Mollie and I worked together to develop a training strategy and managed it week to week. I log my runs in an easy to use spreadsheet that Mollie reviews at least weekly. She gives me advice and holds me accountable (we all need it sometimes). Surprise, surprise, I was spending the same amount of time training as I did before, but this time my race times dropped fast. I took over an hour off my marathon time (4:28 to 3:37) in the first nine months and haven’t looked back.

  3. 5 out of 5

    I signed up for Piece of Cake Running’s online coaching three months after the birth of my daughter. My goal was to get back into shape, lose my baby weight, and enjoy some “me” time out on the roads. I signed up for my comeback race, a half marathon about three months out, and started my training with coach Mollie. Prior to this, I was a recreational runner (5k-marathon) and I stayed active during my pregnancy. As a Piece of Cake athlete, I PR’d at that half marathon, my first race back, and have improved my times significantly over the past 2.5 years.
    I’ve now PR’d at every distance, taking approximately 3 minutes off of my 5k PR, 13 minutes off of my 10k PR, 21 minutes off of my half marathon PR, and 58 minutes off of my marathon PR. I also qualified for the Boston Marathon for the first time on my first marathon training cycle with Piece Of Cake and then re-qualified with a faster time the following year. In addition, under coach Mollie’s tutelage, I’ve run 68:52 for the 15k, 1:11:11 for the 10 miler, 61:19 for the 14k, and 27:07 for the 4 miler! I honestly could not have crushed every single one of my goals without all of the support and motivation from coach Mollie.
    Piece of Cake Running has delivered weekly training plans that are fresh and challenging. In addition, coach Mollie has provided me with knowledgeable and insightful weekly feedback. She plans my upcoming training based on how my runs are going as well as how my body is feeling. Having Mollie as my coach takes all of the guess work out of training and allows for purposeful, quality workouts. Needless to say, I am sold on the benefits of online coaching and I wouldn’t trust my training to anyone other than coach Mollie!

  4. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    I signed up for Piece of Cake Running’s online coaching three months prior to my Shamrock Half Marathon race. At the time, I felt I was an experienced runner with many races under my belt. However, I found myself lacking motivation and was left with disappointing race times. I decided to work with Coach Mollie to help me re-define and meet my goals. In a short time, Coach Mollie helped me PR at the Shamrock Half Marathon. As a result of POC, I took several minutes off my half marathon time and I finished the race feeling much stronger. The program helped to match my goals to build both speed and stamina. My schedule can be hectic and Coach Mollie was easily accessible, always able to quickly respond to questions and concerns with careful thought and expertise and or tweak workouts as necessary. She is dedicated to helping runners meet their goals and I would highly recommend her.

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